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Support the Oakton PTA

There are many ways to support the Oakton PTA and the students of Oakton Elementary, but the easiest and most fulfilling is pitching in with programs and activities through the PTA. 

Volunteer with us

Helping with a PTA program or event is one of the most valuable ways you can support the Oakton PTA.  And in return, you will have a chance to connect with other families who have children at Oakton.  You may get a glimpse of your child's experience inside the school or a chance to get to know our wonderful principal and faculty better.  We have opportunities to volunteer for all commitment levels. Some duties can be performed from home and some require your presence at the school. There are one-time volunteer efforts, seasonal ones, event-based opportunities and ongoing efforts. Some volunteer opportunities work well if you decide to do them with a partner or friend. If you are interested in more information about volunteering, email

However, financial support is also greatly appreciated and supports a better and more equitable school experience for all District 65 schools through the PTA Equity Project (PEP).  Easy ways to financially support the Oakton PTA include:

Financial contribution

It's easy to make a difference for our students! Donate via PayPal, credit or debit card: choose a one-time contribution or a recurring donation.

Clothes 4 Charity Box

One of the simplest ways to help Oakton is by dropping your old clothes and unused household items into the blue drop box, located in the school’s parking lot. These donations are sold to resale shops, and Oakton receives a portion of the proceeds.

PTA Membership Dues

At Oakton, every parent, caregiver and educator is part of our Parent-Teacher Association — there is no obligation to pay dues. However, if you are able to contribute, your membership fee helps ensure we are able to continue our support of the school and of the community.

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